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Friday, January 15, 2010

Little flies flying around your computer monitor?

Little flies flying around your computer monitor? These insects are most likely Fungus gnats. These little critters are annoying, however, they do not bite or sting in any way. If you are getting bit or stung you have another insect in your workplace office. Fungus gnats can be eliminated in a number of safe easy ways.

One, the flies eggs reside on the upper top inch of soil in your office plants. You can scrape this upper top layer of soil with a latex glove or paper towel and discard it off your property. Please do not use insecticides, because this could be harmful to everyone in your office, particularly to pregnant women and employees with allergies.

Two, we at PDI use biological controls such as predatory nematodes, microscopic "wormlike " animals that feed on the fungus gnat eggs. By using biological controls such as live nematodes you break the cycle of life for the fungus gnats, and begin a most pleasant life in your office workplace. We started using these safe techniques 20 years ago in the Boston, MA.



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